Estate & Trust Planning


Olsen, Lynch & Associates, CPAs PA, has extensive experience coordinating the estate, tax and accounting issues involved with the administration of estates and trusts. We have worked with many individuals and privately-held businesses with complex and interrelated estate and trust situations. As CPAs and consultants we handle all aspects of the administration of estates and trusts with a goal of preserving wealth and maximizing the benefits of aggressive tax planning. Proper planning allows you to anticipate problems, provide solutions and help control the future of your assets for yourself and your heirs.

We are well equipped to advise and guide Executors, Trustees and Guardians in their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to ensure they are following the law and protecting the interests of the beneficiaries to the best of their ability.  We help coordinate work with other advisors, including attorneys, insurance agents and brokers to ensure that the best tax and financial results are achieved.