Tax Planning & Preparation


Individual Tax Services

Hiring a skilled CPA to manage your individual tax preparation will save you time and stress. It may also save you money. Olsen, Lynch & Associates, CPAs, P.A.’s will work with you to review previous years filings and current year information.

Tax planning is a year-round event and must be managed accordingly.  Our tax services go beyond the preparation of tax returns. Our commitment in the individual tax area is to work with you throughout the year to proactively identify tax planning strategies. Our goal is to help you keep more of what you have earned.  As tax laws grow in complexity, tax planning and preparation grow in difficulty.  We believe that creativity and innovation will enable our clients to choose among alternatives to best meet your tax and financial objectives.

Corporate/Partnership Tax Services

Businesses operate under a rigorous tax schedule. Olsen, Lynch & Associates, CPAs, P.A.’s works with you throughout the year to ensure all information is in place for each required business tax filing. Through education, hands-on assessment and a team approach, your business’ information is prepared and clearly outlined for use in official business tax documents.

Planning throughout the year and having systems in place to keep information accurate and orderly will ensure the most ease in business tax preparation and few surprises come tax time.

Payroll/Payroll Tax Services

Olsen, Lynch & Associates, CPAs, P.A.’s payroll services can offer you an efficient and effective solution to one of the most consuming administrative functions of running your company – your payroll, allowing you to reallocate some of your time to other areas of your business.

Our customizable payroll services are ideal, no matter the size and complexity of your business or nonprofit. Engaging us to manage your payroll activity ensures you have expert and accurate payroll processing and reporting, completed efficiently and on time.